Green Lantern Corptinues

Green Lantern Corps continues on, as one of the few books which bluntly ignored the New 52 relaunch and instead carried on with all the old storylines. This is the Green Lantern book which features John Stewart and Guy Gardner, and is mostly set in outer space.
The current arc is dealing with the aftermath of Stewart apparently killing another lantern – I don’t know why he did – and being arrested by a higher authority of lanterns called The Alpha Lanterns. On the first page, they sentence him to death, and he accepts it calmly. Gardner is obviously angry, because he always is, and the issue plods from point A to Point B simplistically.
But it’s nicely written from Peter Tomasi, who takes time to actually focus on the two main characters and develop them out, round them a little. While Gardner remains the angry jerk character, here we see him a little restrained, holding back as he tries to work out what John is planning here. And John is fascinating, taking a stand which means he’ll be killed in order to leave an important message for those he leaves behind.
Not much goes on in the issue, in honesty, and the predictability of the story is altered only by Stewart’s unexpected decision and action. Artist Fernando Pasarin and colourist Gabe Eltaeb do some nice work making the story pop. You have to be prepared for some violently neon colour schemes when you come on to any Green Lantern issue, and Eltaeb works well on the title. This review is short because the issue doesn’t offer much to write about – it’s decent, simple storytelling, underpinned by two of DC’s better-defined lead characters who offer a sense of importance which the story doesn’t really explore deeply.

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