Catwoman, Spider-Trilogy, Oatmeal and Carnage

Judd Winick will leave Catwoman after the end of the first year, with luxurious Ann Nocenti taking over with the ‘zero’ issue and continuing on from then. Excellent news on the Nocenti front! Surely, the character she is most suited to writing? And Winick will keep busy, as he turns his attention to a new all-ages graphic novel, the details of which are still under wraps.

This is the new Marvel teaser for a third Carnage miniseries, presumably to be written by Zeb Wells. 
The lawyer who wanted to sue webcomics site The Oatmeal for strange reasons has dropped his suit, and claimed victory. Why he’s done this when the whole case has been a massive backfire for his credibility, reputation and client is beyond me, although I suppose any publicity is… some publicity. CBR have an overview of the story over on their Robot 6 blog
The official facebook page for Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man film – out now, fact-fans – has announced that this film will be the first in a planned trilogy. If you’re going to see the movie this weekend, make sure to stick around after the credits for, you guessed it, a bonus scene setting up a sequel. The movie has had a lukewarm reception, with many people not interested in seeing another origin story and all the same story points used again – but noting that Andrew Garfield is a superior Peter Parker to Tobey Maguire, and that the love story with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy is excellently done. Who will appear as the villain in the next one? Norman Osborn again? Or will we see a previously unused villain like Shocker, Rhino, Hobgoblin (a PROPER one, I mean), Mysterio or, uh, The Jackal?
For the next five days on The Beat I’ll be running down the nominees for this year’s Russ Manning art award, which is given out at San Diego Comic-Con. The first one is up now! 

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