The Arctic, Alan Moore, Hellboy and Dazzler

Mat Rees has made a video chronicling the totally-real-promise story behind the making of Before Watchmen, in which a dick has to counter-react to being dicked over by some dicks. Seriously, has there been any story this year more filled with people nobody really likes? Anyway, this take on Alan Moore seems in-line with what I’ve heard from people in the know, and also shows just how influential Moore was on not only the comic-book industry, but Liam Neeson’s film career.
Mike Mignola returns to full writing/drawing duties this December, as Hellboy in Hell finally gets a release date. After getting killed off at the start of this year (right?), Hellboy now finds himself in an environment even more filled with monsters than any he’s been in before. Who would’ve thought it, right? 
Interestingly enough though, Mignola says that this version of Hell is going to be more like John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ than anything else, which suggests it may start to ramble interminably halfway through, before picking up steam towards the end when some more familiar characters show up. Also, that there’ll be a whole load of weird raping going on. At least it’s not based on Pilgrim’s Progress!

Kickstarter news, and I’ve been sent an email by Christian Sager and Kelly Williams about their lovely-looking proposed project ‘The Cabinet’. At 110 pages long, it’s quite the mission, for both the creators and the cast. The story sees a group of doomed explorers attempt to conquer the arctic, only to go mad and so forth. Like The Thing! Which, as I read further down the press release, is actually exactly how the team are describing the book. Nice work reading my mind, you guys! You can find the Kickstarter here, if you so wish todonate towards the project. They’re about halfway there, with only a few days left!
And finally, who wants to read an interview I did with Greg Pak about X-Treme X-Men? Why, you do, of course! Right? RIGHT? Head to Comics Bulletin for more!

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