Marvel cancel a load of stuff

The next wave of solicitation information reveals the cancellation/ending of approximately 10 of Marvel’s titles, which will presumably be relaunched/consigned to the limbo bin as a result. The books are:

Fantastic Four
Invincible Iron Man
The Mighty Thor
Uncanny X-Men
New Mutants
Captain America
X-Men Legacy
The Incredible Hulk
Journey Into Mystery
JIM isn’t a definite finale, but Kieron Gillen is certainly leaving the title, which surely counts as a cancellation in anyone’s book. The other titles are all announced as ending, aside from Punisher – which simply wasn’t listed on the solicits.
Most of these will reboot – rumours place Gillen on an Iron Man relaunch, Matt Fraction on a Fantastic Four relaunch, and so on. But this is likely the end of the line for books like New Mutants. Punisher, too, will probably not see a solo title again for a while. It’s likely he’ll be folded into an Avengers team somewhere down the line, probably.
This means we have 11 titles cancelled so far… but there are still a few more months before the 20-issue Marvel Now lineup is completely unveiled. That could mean we still have 9 more books to lose before January starts. Most likely? Secret Avengers and Uncanny X-Force, along with Brian Wood’s adjectiveless X-Men. Just rumour at the moment, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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