Everyone loves crossovers! Apart from those guys making The Danger Club at Image, I guess. Dynamite have finally jumped onto the big story bandwagon this week, with the announcement that lovely Chris Roberson and big Alex Ross are going to be the creative team for a crossover between all the company’s most famous pulp characters.

That means Zorro, Green Hornet, The Shadow, The Spider and…. Some others, are all going to appear on the same team. This’ll be Ross’ first full issue in years – we don’t know whether he’ll be staying on beyond the first issue, but he’ll be providing covers for the entire run – and also marks the first is a few new projects Roberson says will be revealed during SDCC.
Issue one of the title, which did I mention is called Masks? No I didn’t, how short-sighted of me, will be released in November.

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