Kickstarter: No Enemy But Peace

Here’s a very well put-together Kickstarter page from Richard C. Meyer, which does everything you’d want to see from a Kickstarter. For his project ‘No Enemy But Peace’; the aim is to re-complete a book which was previously already made and distributed.

It’s a true-life story about a Marine called Marco Martinez, whose squad was ambushed in Iraq and his team leader wounded. Fired upon from a vantage-point and pinned down, he managed to neutralise the attack for long enough to get his wounded team-leader to safety, before assaulting and taking the building himself. Meyer, who was in Martinez’s squad, previously wrote the story and published it himself back in 2009, gaining positive reviews from sites like Newsarama and CBR. 

This Kickstarter is looking to take the book and fix it up. It was previously half drawn by artist and Martin Montiel Luna and half by Martinez himself (whose art style is actually really good! And reminds me of Shaky Kane), but the money sought here is to pay for Luna to redraw the Martinez pages, have the book coloured and inked, and have the book ready for print.
Nearing the target already, the project has 15 days left, and just under $1000 left to raise. 

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