What’s Next for Peter David and X-Factor?

Following the end of X-Factor (Investigations), Marvel have teased that writer Peter David’s next project will be unveiled at NYCC. Joined by Carmine Di Giandomenico, he’ll be moving on to something ‘corporate’.


Which gives me a wonderful opening to look at where we stand. David’s final arc with X-Factor was essentially a series of one-shots, one after another, which closed off the storylines for many of the characters – apart from a small handful.

While Madrox and Layla Miller appear to be wrapped up and left to their own off-page devices for now, it looks very likely indeed that Polaris will be heading into whatever David’s next project is. Her final issue of X-Factor saw her ultimately recruited for a new operation, by a shifty guy in a smart suit.

Whatever the ‘corporation’ of the teaser suggests – and let’s face it, surely this is X-CORPORATION we’re going to be seeing – it seems as though Polaris will be leading it. But who will be with her? Well, it looks quite like Shatterstar and Rictor will be moving into the new book. In an exit interview on CBR, David hinted that he has future plans for the characters, both of whom he has been very protective of over the last few years. With Strong Guy and Monet also moving into new titles, though, it looks as though a bunch of new characters may well be moving in. If this is an X-Corps title, it’ll be playing off two previous iterations of the book, one of which features a number of characters David is familiar with. 
The first X-Corps were written by Joe Casey, and featured Banshee leading a team of villains. Which… didn’t go well, and ultimately led to his death shortly afterwards. Actually, now I think about it… most of this team are now dead or gone. Blob, Fever Pitch, Avalanche… although Banshee has just returned, and Rick Remender does owe Peter David a bit of a favour after moving Havok from X-Factor and into Uncanny Avengers. 
 The second X-Corps appeared later, seen in Grant Morrison’s run with the X-Men, and included Madrox, Siryn, Monet, Cannonball and all-time best Marvel character Darkstar. Yay! Darkstar. The group were based in Paris, as part of an initiative to put worldwide mutant response teams in place – yes, an idea Morrison later shamelessly reused for Batman Inc.  There were other characters as well, in the various other locations round the world. Among them are characters including Feral – who appeared in X-Factor recently – as well as Skids and, yes, the aforementioned Rictor. 
Could we see something else along these lines? With Inhumans about to unsettle the planet, and mutant hatred… possibly at an all-time high? Nobody in their right mind reads Uncanny Avengers, so lord knows how mutant sentiment currently stands. But with all these things ongoing, could now be a time for another stab at the international mutant task-force? 
 But anyway. What have we learned? Well, that when it gets late at night, I can write paragraph after paragraph of idle speculation about the X-Men. The basic gist of the article – Peter David’s next project will be announced at NYCC, and there’s a teaser for it. The one above.

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