Top Five Places to be During NYCC 2013

New York Comic Con is here! I think it’s actually started right now, as this is going up on the site. I’m currently in New York, if that’s the case – hello! This is a thingy I’ve scheduled ahead.

There are HUNDREDS of panels and events going on around New York this week, all celebrating comics. But with so much going on, how are we to work out what the big moments of the convention will be? Some companies have panels when they aren’t planning on announcing any new books at all! So I’ve picked out five panels I think will be the place to go if you want to get in first on all the new announcements and comic plans.

Obviously ‘importance’ doesn’t matter so much as ‘fun’, and to that regard I’d recommend panels like “Editors on Editing” and ‘Geeks OUT’, both of which looks great fun. But these five panels are where all the NEWS will be at, dammit! So let’s run through them!

Listed in order from Thursday-Sunday!

The X-Men Panel:

It looks likely that Marvel will be announcing a crossover between All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy here, along with whatever Peter David’s new book will be. On top of that, it looks like Si Spurrier has some kind of news about X-Men Legacy – perhaps a relaunch.

The IDW Panel:

I think IDW have something planned. The company don’t have a very big marketing presence, so I don’t know exactly WHAT they’re planning. But at the same time, there’s a big indication they have plans to announce some really interesting new books at NYCC.

The Dan Didio Panel:

Dan Didio. In a room filled with comic book fans. Answering questions. Ohhhhhhhh boy.

The Dynamite Panel:

I’m led to believe there is going to be A LOT going on with Dynamite at NYCC, and they have a past record now of stealing the thunder from the bigger companies. Dynamite had a tremendous NYCC in 2012, as well as a sterling SDCC in 2013. I reckon this will be big.

The Titan Panel:

Again, a company who have been making some incredibly adventurous strides over the past year. If nothing else, this year they have CHRIS CLAREMONT onstage with them – so for that alone, this is worth it.


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