Must-Read: Art Heroes at The Lakes Art Festival

Daniel Clifford from Art Heroes – and there’s a top bloke if ever you see him at a convention, so go say hello and/or inspect his beard if you have the chance – has written an extensive report on his visit to the Lakes International Comics Art Festival. From what I’ve heard from everybody who attended, this was a fantastic event.

The festival was a huge success for Art Heroes and, as far as we could see, a huge success for Kendal and for comics. The people of Kendal pulled together to support the event, a large amount of tourists were in the town from Friday through to Sunday evening and everyone new to comics seemed to go away excited about joining in by reading and creating comics and graphic novels.

A whole village in England, called Kendal, turned itself over to comics for the weekend, with events ranging from talks with Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips through to exhibitions, art courses and portfolio reviews all taking place there. Clifford is part of Art Heroes, a team who go round the UK teaching comics to children, as well as making their own works like Halcyon & Tenderfoot.

You can find the full report at his site.


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