Archie, Valiant, Boom and Titan are all Selling Out Too

To follow up quickly from a post I made last week, in which I pointed out how many of the non-Marvel/DC companies have been selling out print runs recently – here’s a few more of the comics which have sold out over the last few days.

The Fox #1 from Archie Comics, their superhero story from Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel. Waid’s been leaping from company to company over the last few months, and he seems to be bringing an audience across to every comic he touches.

Death Sentence #1 from Titan Comics, from MontyNero and Mike Dowling. This is an especially impressive feat – Titan have only just launched, and this was one of their headline titles. First serialised in Mark Millar’s troubled CLiNT magazine, the story adapted really well to a full-size comic, and is thus far one of my favourite books of the year. But that it’s sold out, and now heading for a second printing? I would never have expected that. Fantastic news.

Unity #1 from Valiant, which has sold out a print run of approximately 67000 copies. That’s a colossal number of comics, and matches many of Marvel or DC’s first-issue sales.

Imagine Agents #1, from Kaboom – and that’s a comic I told you to keep an eye on. It’s about a secret agency who’re tasked with handling imaginary friends once their creators have grown up and can’t see the anymore.

We’re in a time where books are selling out EVERYWHERE. Companies are more aware of where their top-end should be, but also more people are trying these things out. Hurrah! 


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