Thought Bubble Recommendation – Comics Are For Everyone

Matt Badham’s got on the dog and bone, or the internet dog and bone anyway. He’s moderating one of the most interesting panels at Thought Bubble this weekend – “Comics Are For Everyone”. This is, in essence, a panel to talk about all-ages comics, and getting new readers interested in reading them.
WHICH IS BASICALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING and something I bang on about every other day over here and on t’Beat. So! He sent me this message regarding his intentions for the panel — go have a look! And then: head over to the panel on Sunday, if you can! It looks tremendous. 

Thought Bubble is my favourite comics convention, and so I’m very pleased to be hosting a panel there on Sunday 24th November at 10.40am. 

The panel is called ‘Comics For Everyone’ and I think it’s going to be great. Here’s its description from the Thought Bubble website: 

We here at Thought Bubble believe that comics should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age, and that great kids’ comics should be read by everyone! So if you’re a young comic fan, or one who never grew up, and want to hear about some great stories to read, please come along and get the low-down from some of the best creators out there! 

Well, I don’t know about you but that’s sounds to me like THE. BEST. PANEL. EVER!
(I might be slightly biased…) 

Especially as those aforementioned creators are Neill Cameron, Meredith Gran, Nathan Fox, Roger Langridge and Maris Wicks. 

(Seriously, make sure you check out their work even if you don’t make the panel. It’s fab.) 

I hope to see you (yes, you!) on Sunday for what I think is going to be a fascinating panel, at which you’ll get tons and tons of recommendations of groovy comics to read. (What could be better than that?) Please come along. It’s gonna be a blast (as is the whole convention)!


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