Interviews with Colourists

One thing that I caught onto a year back, and have not done enough to focus on since, is the massive importance of a colourist on the finished product of a comic. One of my first ideas when I came to The Beat was that I’d try to talk to the people who don’t get the focus as much as writers and artists – to talk to letterers, cover artists, editors, and so on.

From there I tried to work on understanding colouring a bit more, before I started talking to other people. And although that didn’t work – I still find much of it elusive and intriguing and unexpected – I have now finally got to a place where I feel more confident to talk to colourists in interviews.
Which meant these interviews:
Which I hope are getting better as they go along. Colourists are fantastically interesting people, you know – they don’t get to talk too much in interviews, sadly, but every time they do they absolutely nail it, I think.
I’m writing this tired, and half-asleep – just, y’know… go read some interviews with colourists already, appreciate all they’re doing, try and get a bit of a handle on them. The more you know, the more you’ll enjoy comics. 

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