The 31 Best Marvel Characters: Number Thirty-One!


We start off our countdown of the 31 Best Marvel Characters EVER with a woman who could otherwise be known as “Space Dazzler”. A long-term member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Aleta can turn photons into light, which she can wield as a physical object to help her fly through space OR hit enemies with a big hammer or whatever.

You think that costume is revealing? Aleta had three children off-panel. If you had three kids and then got back into shape like that, maybe you’d wear the same type of costume as well. She may seem pretty simple as a character – but you’d be wrong to think that. Y’see, when she first got her powers from a Hawk God, as one does, she was with her brother. The three beings all got fused into one body.

So for a good chunk of time, she shared a body with her brother, and they transferred back and forth. He was a villain in this regard, however, forcing her into nonexistence for extended periods of time. Eventually they were separated, all her kids were killed, and then she was forced back into the body-share situation with her brother again.

And that all went on for another good few years or so. MAN! You’d think that with a concept like “Space Dazzler”, writers wouldn’t be so intent on saddling her with such awful storylines and a poorly designed brother character. Ultimately her brother got destroyed from existence – and she subsequently vanished into comics limbo.

Bring her back!!


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