The 31 Best Marvel Characters: Number Thirty!


You know Saga, that comic? The one that Image do? Well before he wrote that, Brian K. Vaughan was busy doing some REAL work creating one of the only decent X-Men solo series. Although he only wrote the first twelve issues of Mystique before Sean McKeever came on for a back 12, his run was massively good fun, and offered a look at a completely different side of the X-Men.

Freeing Mystique from prison in order to hire her on as a mutant espionage agent, Charles Xavier put two things in her head: a detonator, and the voice of Shortpack. A telepathic mutant all of seven inches high, Shortpack became one of the many star turns found in that comic book series.

Apparently one of Xavier’s first-ever mutant trainees (alongside other forgotten members like Sage), Shortpack quickly learned the spy trade and became field handler for a number of different agents – including one who would become his lover, best friend, and biggest mistake. THAT story is one best saved for the comic, though. You won’t see that twist coming, promise!

Shortpack managed to keep up with Mystique when it came to sarcasm and poison repartee – not many have ever managed to do that. For this alone, I want to see him return to comics. But when you also add the fact that he wrestles with cats, trains by polevaulting with a pencil, AND is a dab hand at Powerpoint presentations?

We need him back in our comics!!


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