Doctor Who Comics are Teleporting Into Shops this Year

Beam them down, scottie! This year Titan Comics have announced that they’ll be publishing two ongoing Doctor Who comics. This is no holodeck illusion! Don’t start worrying that this is ‘illogical’, sci-fi fans!

The first comic will feature Scottie:

Nick Abadzis will write the first arc (with Robbie Morrison coming in to write the second arc) whilst Elena Casagrande will pencil the series. He’ll be tangling with all the famous Doctor Who villains – the Ferengi, tribbles, Gollum and Cylons.

The second series will feature Bones here:

And will be written by Andy Diggle and Rob Williams, with Simon Fraser on art. Jumping through time and space – and avoiding warp holes – he’ll be doing his best to save the world from anything that comes to get him. Will he succeed? Well he’s a doctor, not a miracle worker – so who know?

The comics, which I’ll stop making stupid jokes about now, are both scheduled to start on July 23rd. Alice X. Zhang provides the cover. I’d recommend you pre-order, because these are going to be quite popualr, I’d reckon. Make it your Prime Directive to pick them up!!!

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