The 31 Best Marvel Characters: Number Twenty-Nine!

White Rabbit!

Don’t let her appearance foll you – she is one of the more sadistic and self-created villains in Spider-Man history. Shockingly so, in fact. Obsessed with Lewis Carroll stories, White Rabbit speaks in riddles and rhymes and trades in the drug industry. A complete psychopath, her mind snapped when her family arranged her into a marriage with an old guy – who promptly died in mysterious fashion.

Following that she raced straight into a life of crime, proving herself to be as articulate and literary as she was cruel and ruthless. The outfit means that people don’t take her very seriously (including comic book writers – several have used her as a punchline, only for the next writer to use her as a sadist) and this proves to be their undoing time and time again. Peter Parker is scared of her, and she’s had several run-ins with Mary Jane. Take her seriously or face the consequences!

Curioser and Curioser, Marvel haven’t used her very much recently. She was in Spider-Island, but has been awol since then. Bring her back!


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