Here’s Your Comixology Chart Rundown for the Week of March 4th!

Greetings, pop pickers! I’m your friendly internet blog host Steve Morris, and we’re going to delve on in to the top ten comics on Comixology of the last week. What’s risen to the top of the pops over the last few days? You’ll have to read literally tens of words before you get to find out!

In a week where Pharrell climbed back to the top of the music chart with his song ‘Happy’, how does the comics chart on Comixology compare? Stop a doodle do, get your comics hats on, and let’s enter the chart rundown!

10: Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand #5

Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley’s attempted finale for the Ultimate Universe hits the charts at number 10 this week, with a final issue which – must like the last four issues – packs in a spectacle of nothing. There were some surprising moments, but this miniseries has struggled from a sluggish pace, editorial restriction (the Ultimates will be relaunching within the next few months) and a lack of vision. The Ultimate Universe had to be rocked – it’s been rocked to sleep.

9: New Avengers #1

Due to a sale, Brian Bendis his the chart for a second time this week, with his and David Finch’s decade-old relaunch of the Avengers brand. Following a breakout at the Raft prison, Captain America, Spider-Woman, Daredevil (remember how he was there at the start?) and several others gather together to stop too many villains from escaping. Probably some of Finch’s best work of the past decade, this. Bendis can write a solid opening issue when he wants, and New Avengers is a decent place to try out the modern-day Avengers.

8: Uncanny Avengers #17

Oh, you lot.

7: Batman/Superman #8

The series heads for a crossover with Earth 2 this week, as Jae Lee heads back onboard with Greg Pak to set up an event meeting Power Girl and Superman for what I think may be the first time in the relaunch? This has been a rock-solid title since the start.

6: Superior Spider-Man #28

Now we’re heading towards the final endgame for this series, Dan Slott gives us a showdown between Norman Osborn and Otto/Peter. Potto? Strange how that name never caught on.

Who knows what? Who is plotting best? It’s a plot-off, everyone! With Giuseppi Camuncoli – a perfect choice to draw the wiry, weird Green Goblin costume – on excellent form, it’s another decent issue of a remarkably consistent run.

5: Guardians of the Galaxy #12

Heading into the top five, and the fourth part of the ‘Trial of Jean Grey’ storyline. All New X-Men is entertaining enough, but the soap opera quality if wearing a little thin by this point, and it doesn’t feel like Guardians of the Galaxy has much momentum left in it at all. You’ve got Sara Pichelli on art though, so it’s at least a stunningly wonderful issue to look at.

4: Hawkeye #15

Coming out after Hawkeye #16, issue #15 of the series sees David Aja return. The pace has died down to a crawl, but the creative team are still offering some excellent craft – and entertainment – with each issue.

3: Injustice: Year Two #4

The excellent alt-universe take on DC’s characters continues apace with Tom Taylor (no not THAT one)
throwing the Green Lantern Corps into the mix here. The issue is priced down at $0.99, which will help, but Injustice has been a remarkable success for DC as a whole, and Taylor seems set for big things.

2: Morbius: The Living Vampire #1

It’s on the Marvel sale, but it’s still a surprise to see people flocking to the recent – and quickly cancelled – vampire book from Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson. I thought the first issue was pretty promising, if lacking a particularly strong hook to it. Give it a try though! See what you think


1: The Walking Dead #122

The TV series is back, and the Kirkman/Adlard/Gaudiano series continues onwards in the ambitious ‘All Out War’ storyline. The Negan villain has been menacing since issue #100 came out, and I think you may well remember what he did THEN. Since then, things have been, y’know, slow paced but steady. Walking Dead’s popularity shows no signs of waning anytime soon.


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