Here’s what I’m giving up for Lent and How YOU can Blackmail me into it

It’s Lent! That period where everybody says they’re going to give up on something but ultimately fall into it harder than they ever have before, ensuing in shattered ego, fragile emotions, crying and sitting in a cold shower for forty-five minutes. This year, I’ve just decided what I’d like to arbitrarily give up on – and it gives YOU an excellent chance to blackmail me into doing something for you!

This Lent I’m going to give up being an arse on Twitter. CAN IT EVEN BE DONE? I’m a pleasant sort of person sometimes, mainly while I sleep, but Twitter brings out my bad side frequently. I have a bit of a tendency to snipe from afar at things that I shouldn’t – comics, creators, other critic folks – I can be AWFUL.

So this year, for at least thirty days and by ‘eck let’s hope it lasts longer than that, I’m going to give up on all that. No more passive-aggressive swipes and no more snobbish platitudes about “here’s how you SHOULD do things”. All of that is going to end for a bit. And here’s the good bit —

If you catch me doing this, you can give me a forfeit.

You can pick any single comic issue you want, and I have to buy it, read it, and review it for Comics Vanguard. You could be nice and make it something I want to read – or you could really stick a boot in and make me read Uncanny Avengers or back issues of Wolverine & The X-Men. Heck, get me to buy a single issue of Tarot if you’re really looking to upset me. If you catch me, it’s a legitimate catch, then I have to review whatever you decide.

That is the challenge! And it starts NOW!


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