The 31 Best Marvel Characters: Number Twenty-Seven!


Sepulchre has been in limbo for a very long time, so I first read her in Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato Jr’s Thunderbolts. The premise of that series was that the Thunderbolts were tasked with tracking down all the non-registered superheroes following Civil War, by any means necessary. As a result, Ellis took advantage of the premise to take a handful of unused characters – like Jack Flagg, Steel Spider, and several others – and give them complete revamps and personalities.

Among those featured was Sepulchre, whose darkforce-manipulating powers were inherent and not of her control. She hadn’t registered for the superhero draft as a result, and that put her in the crosshairs of the team. Throughout her arc – and really, I’m just remembering her from this one arc, but that’s how good Ellis is at making you care for his victims – she tried to keep one step away from the Thunderbolts whilst negotiating a deal to leave Earth and start work as a superhero in outer space.

Did she make it? Well, you’ll have to read that arc to find out.

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