The 31 Best Marvel Characters: Number Twenty-Five!

Bouncing Betty!

Matt Fraction’s run on the X-Men isn’t my favourite – it misfires in several department, and is accompanied by two artists I dislike in the form of Greg Land and Terry Dodson. The best issues were typically the one-shots, and it feels like he struggled to cope with the demands of the poisoned-chalice ‘central’ X-Men title.

One thing I did enjoy? Bouncing Betty, one of the villains he created during the run. Again, as you can see above – Greg Land is involved here, and so the art is pretty bad. But the stupid nihilism of the character’s power showed at least a hint of Fraction’s sense of humour managing to power out of the Uncanny X-Men shackles.

Betty, essentially, takes a run up and jumps at people. That’s the entirety of the character. She announces her name, charges at somebody, and then jumps at them. It’s hilarious. It’s like if Juggernaut was boiled down to a single interesting facet and didn’t have a helmet. She’ll never be seen again, most likely – but she was a hilariously stupid idea, pulled off very well.


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