The Comic-Book Patreon Master List!

Patreon is a new service which is going to kick over Kickstarter, once it really gets rolling. The idea is that, rather than pay for a product, you pay for a creator. You donate a set amount of money every month to them, and help them make comics for you. Erika Moen appears to be the first really familiar name to try the site, but now a number of other creators have taken to it as well – a groundswell is in effect.

Here are some campaigns I’d suggest throwing a little money to, if you have the interest in doing so. I’ll build up this page as more and more people get onto Patreon – or as I become more aware of the people who already ARE! I have to spend a little time navigating Patreon, myself:

Alex has taken to Patreon to help with her comics. Working a part-time job and making comics in your spare time is a rough thing to attempt, but she’s been doing so for several years now. If the Patreon proves successful, she’ll use the money to create a little breathing-space so she can focus more fully on making comics. Comics like Valentine!

Dan Berry has headed to Patreon to help fund his weekly comics podcast Make It Then Tell Everybody, which sits down with a different creator and goes in-depth on their process and thoughts. And you know what? You can read more about that via this interview with Dan! 

A frequent fixture on Comics Vanguard, Emma is raising funds for her series BREAKS with writer Malin Ryden. Want to know more about it? You can! Over on Comic Book Resources!

Known for her work on comics like Bucko, Moen is using Patreon to fund a weekly webcomic called Oh Joy, Sex Toy – a sex positive series which features interviews, discussion, all kinds of chatter about sexuality and all those sorts of adult things.

Gemma dropped a note in the comments about the Patreon for her webseries The Wastelands, a really lush-looking fantasy-type story about a world in which Gods and humans used to live alongside one another – until all the Gods vanished one day, without explanation. This looks really excellent, actually, and I’m going to have to take a closer look at it myself!

No relation! A well-known self-publisher, Brubaker is using Patreon to help fund his latest project – a webcomic/print series called Sithrah. He has a number of milestone goals set up, and is already starting to knock them down! If you pledge to his Patreon every month, you’ll get access to his back catalogue and first looks at the new series.

The well-regarded interviewer and podcaster has come to Patreon as a means of support for his superlative show Word Balloon, in which he talks at length to a number of the biggest names in comics. You can also hear me, from time to time, as I take part in various press calls. Ulp!

The creator of Widdershins is using Patreon to kick the adverts off the website, and replace them with links to other comics worth trying out too. A really fun comedy series with a dash of magic and fantasy-adventure, you can find Widdershins online here!

Lizz Lunney hosts all kinds of webcomics over on her website, and has now set up a Patreon where you can get access to secret sketchbooks, process work, design concepts and various other mysteries. She’ll be using the money to directly fund art supplies and the like – so you’re directly helping her continue to make comics by donating!

A familar face through her work on Marceline and the Scream Queens at Boom, but even more familiar for her long-running web series Octopus Pie, which has been going for seven years now – and is the subject of this Patreon.

The co-creator of Freakangels is funding his current project, The Firelight Isle, through Patreon. Hey! I’m fairly certain you can read an interview with Paul right here!

You may have heard of her as Leppu, the name she uses online as she writes and draws Prague Race, a webcomic which just about helps support her as a creator. Which is great! But what’d be even more great is if Patreon can help give her that little extra boost every month, right?

Yes, the creator of Dinosaur Comics has raced onto Patreon and already raised over $1000 per month. He’s using Patreon as a way to get exclusives and secret rewards, like Q&A sessions with him online, or a chance to read comics one strip in advance of the rest of the internet. This is going to be a massive one, guys.

The co-creator of the Beyond anthology (with Rachel Edidin) is offering exclusive comics and secrets to anybody who pledges towards his Patreon, which is called Cute Queer Comics & Eerie Beasts.

Zack Soto brings his series The Secret Voice to Patreon, a massive, sprawling, epic fantasy-adventure series which you can read for free over at this link. He doesn’t run adverts on the comic, meaning Patreon is the best way you can help him to fund the continuation of his series – which is now up to volume three!

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