The 31 Best Marvel Characters: Number Twenty-Four!


Firstly: get a load of that hair. Amazing stuff.

Gosamyr was the creation of Louise Simonson and Brett Blevins, and boy oh boy does she annoy a lot of people. Designed to be the ultimate soap-opera plot device, she has an empathic power which only works over males – and so spent a lot of her time randomly picking members of the New Mutants and making them fancy her.

But she’s also the embodiment of the unresolved plotline. The concept behind the character, who is an alien, duh, is that she’s the early form of a species which goes into cocoons and emerge as galaxy-destroying behemoths. In fact, that’s why she leaves the team, written out because she realises that she poses a threat to everybody around her. We get to see her when she’s a caterpillar, teasing the team with her powers but proving to be ultimately fairly docile and innocent.

If she ever returns, though? She’s going to be a teenager, and every time she lashes out she’ll be able to destroy planets at a swing. That, I think, would be a really exciting way to bring her storyline full-circle, and set the New Mutants up against something interesting, organic, and dangerous.

So in those terms – bring her back!!


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