Steve Ditko Takes to Kickstarter

Steve Ditko has taken to Kickstarter to help fund his newest comic, #9 Teen, alongside his longterm collaborator Robyn Snyder.

Should I say more than that? I should probably say more than that.

Perhaps one of the greatest comic book makers of all time, Steve Ditko’s career has seen him work for Charlton Comics, Marvel, DC and many more, creating massively iconic characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain Atom. As his artwork developed over the years, he took on more and more abstract and experimental qualities, designing further characters like Shade The Changing Man.

Since 1998, however, Ditko retired from ‘mainstream’ superhero characters, and started making his own independent, idiosyncratic works, which were intermittently published by Snyder – his former editor at Charlton. Essentially retired from public life, he doesn’t do interviews, doesn’t publicise his work. He just makes it.

So heading to Kickstarter is a remarkable move, and rather unexpected. The Kickstarter description is, as might be expected, rather sparse – but essentially, the pair are looking to publish an already-completed new comic from Ditko. #9 Teen is written and drawn, and needs only a little extra work done before it can be published.

In essence: Steve Ditko has a project on Kickstarter. FLIPPING GET OVER THERE ALREADY!!


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