The 31 Best Marvel Characters: Number Twenty-Two!

Jamie Braddock!

An extra-weirdo with a sunny outlook on life and the ability to ravel and unravel reality whenever he desires, Jamie Braddock is the interesting member of his family. Although, when the rest of your family are Captain Britain and Psylocke? Not too difficult to be the most interesting member of your family.

Completely mad – and mad in a sort of upper-class British way rather than anything else – and with his hands on the strings of reality, Jamie usually shows up with some sort of manic scheme or plot going on, and always shows up in only his boxers. He tends to wear a permanent creepy smile, has some kind of sense that he’s insane, and is one of the most unpredictable and unnerving semi-villains in X-Men history.

Recently he’s started a new habit of getting killed off at the end of every storyline he appears in – but he always comes back sooner or later! 


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