The Comixology Chart Rundown for the Week of March 11th!

Welcome back pop pickers to the best of the pop chart pop chart pop chart! Although this is a comics chart, rather than a pop chart. Welcome to the comics chart, comics chartists!

In a week where Route 94 hit the coveted #1 spot with Jess Glynne for a massively dull song called ‘My Love’, can comics save the day with a riveting run down of top-notch entertainment? Let’s find out as we head into the top ten!

10: Batman/Superman Annual #1

Greg Pak and Kenneth Rocafort kick things off with a superhero team-up. Not only are Batman and Superman pairing up once more – but they each get to bring two allies with them. Superman brings Supergirl and Steel, whilst Batman brings Batgirl and… Red Hood. How odd.

It’s an entertaining issue, although it does duck away from the final fight a little early. Kenneth Rocafort’s art has been one of the biggest delights of the New 52 thus far, though – and it’s a decent showcase for him.

9: Strikeforce: Morituri #1

First printed in 1986, I have absolutely no idea why the first issue of Marvel’s Strikeforce: Morituri made it into the top ten this week. Was it on sale? The only reasoning I have for this returning to the charts is that Al Ewing may have used some of the characters in Mighty Avengers – I’m behind on that series, so I have no idea!

8: Magneto #1

Marvel strike several new #1 issues into the chart this week, starting with another artistic showcase – Gabriel Hernandez Walta dancing into the spotlight he deserves, as the artist for Magneto #1. Walta has been absolutely brilliant for a few years at Marvel now, and finally he seems to be getting the attention he deserves. And Cullen Bunn’s writing of Magneto is on-point, too. All-round, this is a pretty good first issue.

7: Wolverine and the X-Men #1

Unlike perhaps Wolverine and The X-Men#s relaunch, which many are saying acts more like a continuation than it does a jumping on point. I haven’t read this issue, because I really disliked the Jason Aaron run and didn’t feel like reading more of the same. WATXM had a big audience, though – so maybe they’ll like this run just as much as the last. I can’t comment on it.

6: Earth 2 #21

The crossover with Batman/Superman puts Earth 2 into the top ten this week, continuing on the story which puts the two duos against one another.

5: Fantastic Four – The End #1

No, not the new series – this is an Alan Davis story from almost ten years back. The news of a Fantastic Four movie seems to have gotten people interested in finding out more about the characters, and again, this is a discounted issue.

4: Starlight #1

Mark Millar’s latest superhero sort-of-parody series jumps into the chart with the first issue, drawn by Goran Parlov. Millar is pitching this as a series which will be important because of its influence on OTHER Mark Millar books in a few months time, as Mark Millar is wont to do.

3: Uncanny X-Men #18

The X-Men continue to be popular a whole 18 issues in, for an arc which has seen artist Marco Rudy get a whole lot of attention. Bendis describes him as the next coming of Sienkiewicz, which is very high praise indeed.

2: Moon Knight #1

Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and, yes, Jordie Bellaire are the team for a relaunch of Moon Knight this week, putting the character in a blank, uncoloured suit and striking him off against fully-coloured, gritty, lush backgrounds. It’s a return to form for Warren Ellis, too, after a few years of stories which felt rather phoned-in.


1: Forever Evil #6

You can’t stop an event series, especially one which hints at the death of Nightwing. Forever Evil is, as I’ve noted before, fairly ridiculous. It’s enjoyable at the same time as being overbearing and unlikeable, creating a weird, kinetic energy in the story which is very close to making the whole thing a solid piece of entertainment. It almost works as a parody of DC in general, and I still can’t work out if that’s intentional or not.


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