Marvel FINALLY Realise It’s Time for Wolverine to DIe

Marvel have announced that the next story arc of Wolverine will lead into an event of some kind, and will come with banners at the top counting down to his glorious and deserved death.

Paul Cornell and Kris Anka will be the creative team for ‘3 Months to Die’, a storyline which will count down until September. Once we reach September? It looks as though the character – who has now lost his healing factor and is ‘killable’ will meet his final fate.

Which is excellent news for anybody who had to read recent comics with Wolverine in. Avengers, Wolverine & The X-Men, Schism – boy oh boy, but Logan’s gone way off the rails as a character, recently. Did you SEE Avengers Vs X-Men? Crikey, but he deserves this one.

So that leads us to the important question – who gets the honour of murdering him, and cementing their place in all our hearts? Sabretooth? Mystique? ….Nightcrawler?

Stay tuned, etc etc


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