Neill Cameron Announced as Artist-in-Residence for Oxford’s Story Museum

Oxford – the capital of British comics, being the home of 2000AD and The Phoenix – is also the setting for the Story Museum, a building devoted to the history of storytelling, and inspiring the next generation to get involved and make their own stories too. They’re also very much pro-comics, having hosted a number of events over the last few years to get more people interested in the medium.

And starting soon, they’ll have a new weapon at their disposal*: Neill Cameron.

This April, when the museum reopens, Cameron will be installed as their artist in residence. He’ll be working on several comics-based installations, in fact, which I believe will be there to greet people once the doors open.

A writer/artist best known for his love of robots and work on comics like The Pirates of Pangaea for The Phoenix, Cameron has built a reputation as an all-ages creator whose comics aren’t held back by conventions like “needing to chop off arms every second issue” or any of that rubbish stuff. Instead: dinosaurs! Time travel! Robots! All the important stuff, with none of the anguish that all the other comics seem so focused on.

His residency will kick off in April, and more details will come about his projects shortly, I imagine. For the time being, keep a watchful eye on his website.

*”At their disposal” makes it sound like they have power over Neill’s life and/or death, which I am faintly sure is not the case.


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