The 31 Greatest Marvel Characters: Number Seventeen!

Ghost Girl!

I can’t believe Marvel have thrown away such a solid-gold concept as Ghost Girl. A member of the Crusaders who fought during World War II, she doesn’t have any powers of any kind, and midway through the war she realised that her only advantage against the Nazis… was a device CREATED BY THEM.

It’s amazing, as well. Ghost Girl wears a belt, you see, which gives her the unbeatable power of… refracting light so she looks like she’s standing one metre to her left. She’s not where you think she is! She’s standing RIGHT NEXT to herself! Revolutionary stuff.

God knows why Marvel aren’t utilising this power more, given the endless uses of being hidden one metre away from where you actually are. Why, if somebody chose to shoot directly at her, she’d be safe and unharmed!

Yes, Ghost Girl had an amazing gadget indeed. But once she realised that this holographic projector was actually built by the Nazis – she destroyed it. Not entirely sure why she bothered with that, plunders of war and all that, but still.

And she’s Scottish! She didn’t get a name or nationality in the comics, though – that duty was taken on by the Marvel handbooks instead.

I really kinda love Ghost Girl. Bring her back! We need more of this sort of thing!


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