The 31 Greatest Marvel Characters: Number Fourteen!


An enjoyably overblown parody of Nick Fury, Dirk Anger appears as part of Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s Nextwave series. Constantly chewing energy sticks and attempting to commit suicide, he is the leader of an organisation called H.A.T.E. which is dedicated to the cause of wiping out Nextwave once and for all.

Nextwave is not a very subtle comic book.

More a less a funnel for Ellis to dump all his weirdest superhero ideas, Anger starts off the series as an obvious parody of Nick Fury before becoming more and more deranged – at one point he has a bucket of canaries put in a blender, and fed into his bloodstream – and manic. Sweary, violent, with mother issues and (eventually) a taste for braaaains, his one-man mission to end Nextwave drives most of the series, from one ridiculous event to another.

And it was brilliant. Don’t bring him back! He’s in a better place now. Sort of.


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