The ComiXology Top Ten for March 19th, 2014!

Here we are pop pickers, back again for another scrum with the pick of the tops, the pop of the picks, the pip pop toppiest stop pop chart top of comics since Dave Lee Travers walked into Midtown! We’re going to run down the top ten comics on the ComiXology digital chart this week, and where better to start than with…

Number 10!

All New-X-Men #24

I believe this is the finale of the Trial of Jean Grey, but could be mistaken. The crossover has helped Guardians of the Galaxy more than All New X-Men, of course, but the sales have remained fairly sturdy for Brian Michael Bendis’ latest round of alt-universe characters replacing the established ones.

Number 9!

Hawkeye #17

A Christmas special, of sorts, with artist Chris Eliopoulos jumping on to tell a story of… a TV show Clint Barton watches during the holidays. But, rather unsubtly, the TV sow quickly starts to reflect Clint’s own life, telling the story of a ‘normal’ member of a cartoon team who doesn’t have the fancy gimmicks of the others.

Hawkeye remains good – it also remains the slowest paced comic of all time. Didn’t somebody die a year ago? Somebody should get onto solving that crime, maybe? Just a thought! Hawkeye’s still good – but it could do with a bit of forward momentum.

Number 8!

Smallville: Lantern #1

Another one of DC’s digital successes is the continuation of Smallville – a TV series which was liked by only a portion of the comic-buying public, but which has managed a resurgence in the hands of Bryan Q. Miller. The series has been blocking out into different miniseries, of a sort, with Clark Kent meeting Batman, Wonder Woman, and many other familiar faces.

You may have guessed, but Lantern sees Superman getting to grips with the world of Green Lantern, as the green ring of will comes flying down to Earth for a bit. Marcio Takara takes over for this new arc – and that’s a pretty solid creative team, especially considering this is only $0.99

Number 7! 

Batman #29

Reviewed only the other day at Comics Vanguard! Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s series hits another marker in the marathon ‘Zero Year’ storyline, this time signalling the Riddler’s finest hour.

Number 6!

Injustice: Year Two #5

The Green Lanterns have also made a move into the world of Tom Taylor’s Injustice series, now racing through a second volume after gangbusters sales on the first.

Number 5!

Clone #1

I think the reason Clone returns to the chart after originally being published in 2012 may be a sale from Image Comics, offering a dramatic discount on all comics with a ‘science or numbers’ sort of theme. Image have been especially creative in their sales, choosing ‘Pi Day’ as the day to drop prices on a load of tech-driven books.

Number 4!

Incredible Hulk #1

The third volume of Incredible Hulk comes in at number four in the chart. As always, Hulk seems to be a concept which fits poorly into a solo series – in terms of reader interest, at least. Mark Waid and Mark Bagley are the creative team now, meaning the book likely has some very good writing and a dubious-looking Hulk.

Following straight on from the last volume, this has been a less-discussed book that Waid’s other relaunch, Daredevil. I wonder if it’s because of the cyclical nature of the character? He can only ever get angry, calm down, then get angry, then calm down. It’s like if there was a Johnny Storm or Iceman solo series – he’d be childish, then grow up, then be childish, then grow up…

Number 3!

Iron Man: The Rapture #1

A miniseries which I believe had a steampunk bent, and was sold mainly on the strength of Lan Medina being the artist. This is written by Alex Irvine, and by accounts I believe it’s a fairly strong piece of work. I’m assuming this has returned to the charts due to a sale of some kind?

Number 2!

Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1

Yeah, there definitely must be some sort of sale going on right now for futuristic-type comics. Almost ten years old now, this comic comes from Keith Giffen and Renato Arlem, and forms part of the Annihilation event storyline which was incredibly well-received. I never got beyond the first Annihilation trade, myself – it’s front-loaded with a string of duffers – but I do hear the second and third trades are something spectacular.

And Coming In At….


The Walking Dead #123 
by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudino.

The TV series is on, the comic is going through an event – what else would be at the top of the charts right now? Charlie Adlard is working on an incredible schedule right now – you have to be impressed. And there are still three more issues to go!


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