The 31 Greatest Marvel Characters: Number Nine!


I’m not really a fan of Weapon X. When I say that, I’m not referring to the Barry Windsor-Smith series – but to the ongoing series from maybe ten years or so, which served mainly as a way for Marvel to kill off a load of interesting side-characters in nasty ways.

Siena Blaze was one of those casualties, a villain-turned-hero of sorts who generally had a mean-spirited quip to hand whenever one was needed. Starting out as a member of the Upstarts, she eventually gave the whole ‘not being a villain’ thing a go, and found that she took to it rather well.

She’s fun for a number of reasons, but my favourite is that she has a power over electromagnetism. Only, instead of using this power well, her every usage of her powers caused irreparable damage to the Earth, warping and snapping magnetic fields. The more she used her powers, the closer she came to inadvertently destroying the world.

Which would’ve been fun! She’s dead now though, sadly, so we’ll never get to see it.


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