The 31 Greatest Marvel Characters: Number Seven!


Every good boy deserves fire-breathing best friend, although Loki’s decision to take in every half-demon half… demon? creature that he came across was a fairly risky one. Partway through the recent revival of Journey Into Mystery, the now youthful Loki accidentally provided two hell creatures to mate with one another – a decision which led to the pleasant little four-legged firebreathing monster you see above.

The subject of the best issue of the run – issue #632, with the Breitweisers as the fantastic artistic team onboard – Thori became a fan favourite character in a series designed to be filled with fan favourite characters, a twist on the good-hearted canine sidekick which felt appropriate for someone like Loki to try to befriend.

And later on, as the series started to tumble into a chaos of misfortune, betrayals, heartache and apocalypses, Thor stood up and proved who he really was. And that moment was one of the best moments of the entire run. 


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