The 31 Greatest Marvel Characters: Number Six!

Mole Man!

The Fantastic Four have all kinds of various obstacles they have to face, but their gallery of rogues is actually quite a weak bunch of characters. There’s Galactus, obviously, but following him you’ve basically got a load of different boring aliens like Super Skrull or Blastaar wandering about. Call me xenophobic, but if you want a real villain? You want an EARTH villain.

And you want Mole Man, really, don’t you. What a legend.

Things were never easy for poor old Mole Man, who was born with a hunchback and short temper. He soon fell into a big deep hole in the Earth and was blinded after setting eyes on a big ol’ group of subterranean diamonds. Anybody else would’ve given up by this point, but not Mole Man – oh no, he took to deep-earth blindness like a duck to sinister water, and soon after started finding forgotten socities and technology he could rule and use to fight his way back to the surface.

King of the Underground, Mole Man has never been particularly successful once he breaks the surface. But under it? He’s THE MAN. The Mole Man. What a legend. Never forget what a legend Mole Man is.


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