The 31 Greatest Marvel Characters: Number Five!


Surprisingly one of the few synonyms for ‘song’ that didn’t show up in Ocarina of Time, but Threnody DID make it to the X-Men. To X-Man, in fact, the series featuring the alterna-reality version of Cable from Age of Apocalypse. Nate Grey is… a confusing character, to say the least… and perhaps that series wasn’t exactly the best thing ever. My predominant memory of it was that most of the main storyline seemed to revolve around a possibly-fulfilled Oedipal complex Nate shared with Madelyne Prior.

No matter, because we’re here to talk about Threnody. An immediate highlight to the series, her addition to the story added some excitement and tension. A sort of death-vulture, she can fire concussive blasts when somebody near her dies – she basically takes their last breaths of life and converts it into energy? It’s a weird one, but it did open up some interesting ideas about her personality, as she has to watch people die in order to get her powers to manifest.

And sometimes she quite enjoys it…

Threnody vanished at the end of X-Man’s solo series, and hasn’t been seen since. But she’s still out there, it appears – and with child?! What the very devil indeed, we need to get to the bottom of this one. Bring her back!


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