Buy Me! The Best Covers of the Week 02/04/14

Tomorrow sees more of those “comic” thingies coming out – y’know, those ones with all the art and stories in them? Those ones. With so many on offer on the shelf now, covers become an ever-more-important part of the marketing process. Which covers are most interesting? And why? What looks good this week?

Here are my two choices for tomorrow, based purely on the covers:

The first arc of Pretty Deadly ends this week, I believe, with issue #5. The series has seen a lot of praise and also a lot of confusion – it’s a dense series, with a lot to keep track of and keep hold of. But this cover from Emma Rios moves everything else aside and gives us a simple, evocative image. There’s nothing complex here – just a bit of imagery, and an elegant moment in time.
The cover asks the reader just enough questions to get them interested in the content inside, with a feel as though everything on the cover is going to represent some kind of theme within. The noose in particular is a brilliantly smart work from, I believe, colourist Jordie Bellaire (and more on her below!) The noose could have worked simply as drawn, but Bellaire places a single spot of blood red at the base of the loop, creating mystery. That noose has been used – but by whom? Is the man on the cover about to use it, has he already used it? Or is it intended for him?
The empty space around the tree and that man creates a sense of a vast wilderness, whilst the dark purples of the scene suggest a twilight scene – very apt for the final part of this first arc.

There are two covers this week which both go for the striking typeface you see above – the other also looks interesting, being ‘Self-Obsessed’ by writer/artist Sina Grace. That’ll be published by Image. Here, though, we have the second issue of Moon Knight, which is selling itself as much on the artistic team as on the return of Warren Ellis. Jordie Bellaire is one of the most important parts of this book, and it’s only right she gets a full credit on the cover.

The image above the credits is an elegant one, with a bulletcrack and faintly symmetrical shot of Moon Knight bursting downwards. He’s in the full, classic outfit here, which is an interesting thing and caught my attention – in the first issue he wore a suit, and it was fairly well explained that his use of different costumes might be suggestive of something deeper within the series. It’s a balletic, poised image, but one which suggest a heavy amount of momentum. I also like how all the copyright stuff is shunned and thrown to the very end of the cover.


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