I Can’t Even with All These Kickstarters Right Now

April typically sees the lambs get a glint in their eye, but if there’s anything getting rompy and reproductive right now….?

It’s the comics industry! Every day has seen seven or eight extra-exciting new projects take to Kickstarter. And, as I like to think I’m the unannounced and unwanted Crown Prince of Kickstarter Promotions – check The Beat, it’s 60% interviews with Kickstarter projects right now – that I should be doing everything I can to let you know about the particularly randy ones.

Take a look at all these ones that are happening RIGHT NOW. Simultaneously. RIGHT NOW!

21st Century Tank Girl by Alan C Martin, Jamie Hewlitt et al

Everybody is back! Martin and Hewitt are returning for a 100 page collection of all new Tank Girl stories, and are joined by every previous creator on the series – we’re talking Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Philip Bond, Jim Mahfood…. even the artist who was originally intended to create the series, Neil Edwards, is coming on for his chance to finally draw the character!

Already funded, and going gangbusters!

Afterlife Inc – The Book of Life by Jon Lock

Jon Lock’s had amazing success on Kickstarter, and his Afterlife Inc series will be collected into one complete volume called ‘The Book of Life’. A series about a con-artist who dies, sees that Heaven is in disarrray and needs somebody to tidy things up (and make a killing in the process), it’s a great comedy series with really fun art from Jack Tempest. Only on Kickstarter a few days, but already nearing the goal!

Cura Te Ipsum by Neil Bailey and Dexter Wee

Recommended by Greg Rucka, this is an interesting looking story, a webcomic which the creators are looking to collect into print. There’s a great, insane high concept for the book in which the lead character teams up with a bunch of alternate universe versions of himself, and try to stop the various OTHER alternate versions of himself from committing suicide. Manic, and intriguing.

Girls Night Out: The Way Love Goes by Amy Chu et al

WRITTEN BY AMY CHU. It hardly needs anything else said to promote it, but here goes anyway – an anthology of various short stories in a collection of different genres and styles, there’s a loose connective theme through all these books. But the one thing that strongly connects them all? WRITTEN BY AMY CHU

Already funded!

Misfortune High Vol 2 by Jules Rivera

Three quarters of the way through the target with a week to go, this is the project I most recommend people to back! About a snotty rich kid who is forced to go to a state-run wizard school after forcing his dad to cover up too many ‘incidents’, this is a winning, laugh-out-loud funny comic with Rivera handling absolutely every aspect of the creative process. It absolutely nails it – please consider donating!

SEXCASTLE by Kyle Starks

Already completed by Starks, this is a high-voltage action comedy type book. Wonderfully over the top and proud of it, this is a tribute to those ridiculous action films that Hollywood loved making during the 80s. Full of violence, quips, drinking and (one would imagine) silicone women, this looks like an incredible piece of work. Already funded! There is no risk at all, should you donate! Apart from the risk of DANGEROUSLY FUN COMICS BEING IN YOUR HOME!

Smut Peddler 2014 by Spike et al

Back for a second year, this compendium of ‘lady porn’ has a starry line-up of creators including Jess Fink, Danielle Corsetto, Erica Henderson and many more. Only just launched, this is racing up towards the target incredibly quickly indeed. I am far too chaste to go into detail, but don’t be afraid – the Kickstarter gives you all the info you’re gagging for.


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