Buy Me! The Best Covers of the Week 09/04/14

Covers maketh the comic, or at least that’s true for those of us who still go into comic shops to buy them. I don’t have a pull list of my own, or any intent whenever I walk into a comic shop – I simply look for an interesting cover, and pick up whatever comic comes with it.

So if I were in a comic shop this week, which covers would attract my attention? Here are some lovely-looking cover pieces for issues coming out this week:

A thoroughly winning cover for the first issue of Shutter, by Leila del Duca. The colouring is just muted enough to make you not see the monsters behind lead character Kate Kristopher until your second glance. She dominates the frame of this image – and interestingly, there IS a frame here, placing her into a photograph-style confine.

Then you start to notice other points of interest on the cover – the fact that Kate is the only one actually paying attention to the World around her, unlike the various creatures who are on their daily commute. Every other character on the cover is absorbed in a phonecall, or checking their texts – but Kate is stood centre of frame, her eyes away from the camera, and instead looking at something else – something just behind the reader, in fact, as she isn’t looking directly out the fourth wall.

This could have become a cluttered, overly-busy cover image, but del Duca handles things with a light touch, and comes away with my favourite cover of the week.

Clayton Crain has this slick quality to his painting which really works solidly when he gets to draw the villains. You can feel the sweat dripping off the demented face of new Unity villain Dr Silk in this image, and the colouring seems poised to suggest everything about him is tainted. Forget just the implants around his eyes or tubes going into his note – Clain off-colours the teeth, and shadows the image so his left and right eye look to be different colours.

This is a properly manic looking enemy, and it’s compelling without being too gross. Sometimes a villain design emphasises them as looking disgusting, physically repellent – here Dr Silk is a freaky feller, but he’s still recognisably a human monster, and Clain picks a brilliant angle to emphasise that in full. Long, sweeping jawline, wispy grey hairs – I’m interested to see what’ll be going on here.


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