These Are The Best Mermaids in Comics

There are a number of ways to bounce back from a flagrant snub from the Eisner Awards. You can rant at them, you can pretend you didn’t care anyway, or you can hastily cover the news and then hide it off your front page.

But the best way to recover is with a list. SO HERE IS A LIST OF THE BEST MERMAIDS IN COMICS.


Namor’s loss is Alpha Flight’s gain, as Marrina recently evolved into a giant fish monster, got killed, then resurrected into an icon for mermaidkind. Currently still serving with the team, I assume, she wears a boa made of seaweed. Amazing.


The whole run of Generation Hope was designed to try and throw us all off the scent, and suggest that Transonic WASN’T actually a mermaid. But you cannot hide the truth from X-Men fans forever! And ultimately her true form was revealed – she’s a flying, crystalline, maths-loving mermaid!

Mermaid Evolution

If you want a mermaid with more attitude than most, then Caleb Goellner’s self-published Mermaid Evolution! is the place to go. Filled with enough rad happenings to make Adam X fall off his skateboard in shock, it’s a delightfully manic comic.

The Mermaid of Zennor

Briony May Smith is an incredible artist and storyteller, and one of her most acclaimed stories thus far was her retelling of the old myth ‘The Mermaid of Zennor.’ You can find it here! It’s proper good.

Lori Lemaris 

Never try and stand between Superman and a woman with an alliterative name (L-literative?) One of his early romances, aside from Lana and Lois, was his time spent with a lovely lady mermaid called Lori. SHE COULD ALSO READ MINDS!

Abe Sapien

Blatantly a mermaid. Don’t try and pretend otherwise.

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