Wonder Con: Dynamite Bring in Warren Ellis, Alex de Campi, Marc Andreyko and More

Dynamite have had a busy Wonder Con, which has been going on all weekend. They’ve been announcing all kinds of things at the con, including new books, new creative teams, and new franchises. Here’s a run-down of all the news from Dynamite this weekend:

  • Warren Ellis to relaunch the Project Superpowers Universe
Following the successful launch of the ‘Gold Key’ universe this year, Dynamite will next turn to revive their ‘Project Superpowers’ franchise. Headed up by writer Warren Ellis, this will be a reimagining of the original concept, with Ellis in apparent complete creative control of the characters and tone. Last seen in 2010 or so, the franchise uses a number of public domain superheroes from around the 1940s and sets them against a villainous organisation called ‘The Claw’. There’s no news yet on the scope or scale of the new Project Superpowers Universe, although comics are expected to start being published later this year. 
  • Marc Andreyko and Dave Acosta on ‘Chastity’ Solo Series
One of the more popular characters from the Chaos Comics line will be getting her own solo series in July from the creative team of Marc Andreyko and Dave Acosta. Chastity is a young athlete who has to retire after a severe injury puts her out of action – seeking solace in supernatural novels, she finds herself drawn inside the stories herself, and trapped in a world of dark fantasy, etc. She’s also a vampire! 
  • Nathan Edmondson and Marc Laming to Launch Splinter Cell Comics
The creative team of Nathan Edmondson and Marc Laming will be teaming up to make the first-ever comics adaptation of the Splinter Cell games – themselves an adaptation of Tom Clancy’s series. Called Splinter Cell: Echoes, the series will follow retired black-ops expert Sam Fisher as he finds himself drawn into one last project, to try and take down a terrorist organisation.
  • Ash Gets Hitched from Steve Niles and Nacho Tenoria
Following their current Ash and the Army of Darkness book, Steve Niles and Nacho Tenoria will continue their take on the Ash character by marrying him to his sometime-partner-sometime-undead-nemesis Sheila. But of course, nothing Ashley J Williams does ever ends well, and it sounds like there’ll be several unsavoury characters crashing the wedding.
  • Dynamite to Set Up Creator-Driven Comics Across 2014-2015
I don’t know what creator-driven comics are either – I think they’re books owned by Dynamite, but the writers are allowed to do whatever they want without interference. It doesn’t appear as though these are creator-owned projects – I’ll look into it!
Anyway, Dynamite will be running a series of these ‘creator driven’ books over the next year, with Devilers from Joshua Hale Fialkov and Matt Triano their first release. This will be followed by books from people like Duane Swierczynski, Peter Milligan, James Robinson and more. 
  • Justice, Inc from Michael Uslan and Giovanni Timpano
A crossover series which puts The Shadow, The Avenger, and Doc Savage into the same team for the first time. Handling the six-issue series will be the team of Michael Uslan and Giovanni Timpano, as the trio unite to solve the mystery of a downed plane which vanished under mysterious circumstances. The book is scheduled for August.
  • Alex de Campi and Rey Villegas on Lady Zorro
A briefly-appearing character from several years ago will get a complete revamp from writer Alex de Campi, as she writes (and letters!) a Lady Zorro series. This character originally wore the Zorro outfit in order to go extract a personal, bloody revenge from the soldiers she thought killed her family – only to be confronted by Zorro and stopped from going too far. For the new series, she’ll be putting the outfit back on – but this time as an anti-hero. 

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