Harbinger Concludes with Issue #25, Featuring Ron Wimberley, Lucy Knisley, and Many More

Valiant have announced that Joshua Dysart’s run on Harbinger will end with issue #25 later this year, to be followed by a relaunch of sorts for the series. Calling this the natural conclusion to the storyline, the final issue will be expanded to include backup stories from Ron Wimberley, Lucy Knisley, Riley Rossmo, Justin Jordan, Barry Kitson and several others.

That’s a really unexpected line-up of creators, right? Fantastic array of talent, there.

Following the conclusion of the run with this 48-page issue, Dysart will then pen a three-issue miniseries called Harbinger: Omegas which will “close the door” on the current run, and lead the way into the next. Which means, it seems, Harbinger will relaunch towards the end of the year.

That seems a smart move – following on from the success Marvel seem to be finding in their “finish the run and then relaunch with a new team” strategy. Harbinger was the second book of the Valiant relaunch, and rumours have started floating that Archer and Armstrong will also soon be following in the same steps – ending the current series and relaunching with a new creative team.


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