Tula Lotay and Warren Ellis to Revamp Supreme for Image Comics

Image have announced a series for July, Supreme: Blue Rose, in which writer Warren Ellis and artist Tula Lotay will revamp the Alan Moore/Rob Liefeld character for a continuation of the superheroic story. This comes as a result of Ellis himself, it appears, who says that he woke up one morning with the idea – after a few emails with Image, he invited in artist Tula Lotay for the project, and here we are now.

Ellis and Lotay have worked together before, for a short story in the Thought Bubble Anthology of… two years ago, I believe? This seems to be marking a comics resurgence for Ellis, who has also just announced his first ever Dynamite work, and has recently been co-writing a few books at Marvel with people like Kelly Sue DeConnick.
For her part, Lotay is best known for being the organiser of the Thought Bubble Comics Festival, but has this year taken on several high-profile projects – working on Fables: The Fairest of Them All as well as the upcoming Si Spencer series ‘Bodies’ for Vertigo.
Supreme: Blue Rose is due in July. It appears as though this may well lead into something bigger for the Supreme characters later in the year.

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