Eternal Warrior to End with Issue #8

After an absence from the Valiant solicitations over the last few months, writer Greg Pak has confirmed on his Tumblr that Eternal Warrior ends with the next issue – issue #8.

This is interesting, in that Valiant have had to start dealing with the idea of cancelling their books now they’ve reached year three of their whole relaunch as a company. Bloodshot and Shadowman have already both concluded; and were replaced with respective miniseries which seems set to then head the character into relaunched #1 books further down the line. Harbinger has just been announced as doing the same.

Eternal Warrior is the first book, as far as I’m aware, to simply end. The character will still be used in the Unity series (as indeed will be Bloodshot), but the solo series is going to conclude without any further story currently announced for him.

Archer & Armstrong also seems like it’ll be wrapping up the current run from Fred Van Lente soon. It’ll be interesting to see how the company handle these transitions, and which books will relaunch/which books will conclude. 


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