Gerry Duggan to Replace Mark Waid on ‘Hulk’

Marvel have announced that writer Mark Waid will be stepping down from his relaunch of their ‘Hulk’ book with issue #4, with Gerry Duggan coming onboard to helm the series from there onwards. Artist Mark Bagley will remain on the title for the changeover.


Announcing his plan for a long-form opening storyline called ‘The Omega Hulk’, Duggan’s run is being pitched as a Hulk-version of The Armor Wars, in which every Hulk character will show up into the same story, with long-term changes promised for many of them.

It’s unusual to see a writer step off a Marvel title so soon after a #1 issue was released, but Marvel have seen several creative shifts over the last few months – Zeb Wells leaving the Elektra book before it started, Matt Fraction stepping away from Inhuman, and so on. Waid will continue on as writer for Daredevil at the company.

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