Lumberjanes Upgraded to an Ongoing Series

Good news for the creative team of Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen and Shannon Watters, as this week their Boom Studios series ‘Lumberjanes’ has been turned from a miniseries to an ongoing series. Originally slanted to be an eight-issue storyline, the critical and commercial success of the first issue has persuaded Boom to upgrade the book to an ongoing. 


Published through the fledgling BoomBox imprint, which offers creator-ownership for books like ‘The Midas Flesh’, Lumberjanes is the story of a group of girls who go off into the woods, and quickly find they’re going to have to fight off monsters and worldwide catastrophe. Marking comparisons with the Image book ‘Rat Queens’ due to the all-female cast who’re all defined differently and given wildly individual personalities, body types, and body language, the series has been well-praised by the comics press over the last few months.

With two issues out already, issue #3 is slated for release in June.


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