Dark Horse to Publish Hardback Collection of ‘High Crimes’

Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa’s Eisner-nominated Monkeybrain series High Crimes will be published as a complete collected hardcover from Dark Horse Comics next year.


With six issues currently out, the series has been critically acclaimed – obviously, given that I just called it ‘Eisner-nominated’, I guess – and has been one of Monkeybrain’s best-received titles. The publisher, which gained attention foremost for books like Bandette, has seen a new wave of attention due to titles like High Crimes, which have subsequently made the jump across to print via publishers including IDW, Image, and Dark Horse.

It would be an awful pun to call this a high concept book, because the concept is literally high. Set in the Himalayas, the series follows Zan Jensen, a mountain-climber and tour guide. Jensen is also a grave-robber of sorts, who tracks down fallen climbers, and retrieves their belongings and fingerprints so they can be identified back home. But when she tracks down and scans in one particular corpse- the corpse of a black-ops agent thought dead – she finds herself chased across Everest by a team of deadly agents, looking to take her out before she can share the information with anyone else.

In other words – THIS IS PURE COMICS.

Halfway through the run, you can currently find the series on ComiXology. Dark Horse’s collection is estimated to arrive in 2015.


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