Miles Morales is Joining the X-Men

Last week, almost as an afterthought, Brian Michael Bendis posted a Sara Pichelli-drawn image for an upcoming cover of All-New X-Men. Now that’s no exactly a surprise of itself, but what did catch people off-guard was the character introduced on the cover – Miles Morales, the man who is Ultimate Spider-Man.


The cover could lead to any number of conclusions, of course – this could be the ‘616’ universe version of Miles Morales, or it could indeed suggest that the Ultimate Spider-Man will be heading across universes to team up with the X-Men. He’s certainly wearing his Spidey outfit, which suggests the latter.

All-New X-Men has turned into a strange book over the last few months, telling stories which tend to hone in on the characters rather than the general theme of the X-Men concept. Out have gone the “humans hate and fear us” angle, and in have come time-travelling characters, Guardians of the Galaxy, and now Ultimate Spider-Man. Bendis has been handling the book rather well so far, but it’s interesting to see the tangents he’s elected to go on with the characters. As you can see, he’s taken out Cyclops and put in X-23, and his team have a really strange dynamic together.

The original X-Men are all white characters, with a bit of privilege. If Miles Morales is indeed going to join the team, then it serves as a welcome addition of some diversity to a team who were desperately in need of it. We’ll keep an eye on this storyline.


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