Valiant Offer Preview for The Delinquents

Later this year the Valiant First initiative will begin, with the company launching a series of new titles as they bridge the gap between the end of their first wave of titles – such as the ending-soon Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong – and the start of their new titles. Among the new books will be Rai by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain, along with this book, The Delinquents.

Written by James Asmus and Fred Van Lente, The Delinquents will team up the two teams of Quantum & Woody/Archer & Armstrong for a new four-issue miniseries in which they go off in search of treasure…. ass-first.

No, literally – their map is an ass imprint.

Featuring art by Kano (I’m not certain of the colourist, who is likely either Jordie Bellaire or Brian Reber)  the series is due to kick off in August – and here’s a preview:

del1 del2 del3 del4


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