Archie Introduce New Character: Harper

Each time Archie introduces a new character to their cast, they do it with a real sense of purpose. It matters to them that everybody gets attention and is fully-formed, which I like a lot. Following previous new character announcements over the last few years like the arrival of Kevin Keller, the company have now announced that new character Harper, a cousin of Veronica and a fashion designer. Harper is also disabled, and a wheelchair user.

First appearing in the upcoming issue #656 of Archie, Harper’s design and personality is modelled on author (and well-known comics fan) Jewel Kats. Kats met Archie writer Dan Parent at a convention last year, and their friendship led to discussions of how Archie Comics could better represent disability in their books. You can read a great interview with the two of them over at CBR, by Albert Ching.

Her introduction comes in the form of – naturally – an outrageously saucy double-entendre. Here’s a preview:

harper1 harper2 harper3 harper4


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