Archie Summon Up More Details about ‘Sabrina’

Over at USA Today, uh, today, Archie Comics have unveiled a few more secrets about their upcoming Sabrina series from writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack. Continuing on their ‘horror’ section of the Archie brand, the series sits alongside Afterlife with Archie and will be within the same continuity.


As you can see from the above cover for issue #1, artist Hack (great name for a horror series) has a style similar in tone to Afterlife with Archie’s Francesco Francavilla. Due for release in October, issue #1 will see the character attending high school – she’s 16 – and will begin with a new version of her origin story.

For anyone who grew up watching the TV show (like me), the cast will seem at first fairly familiar: we’ve got her aunts Hilda and Zelda, talking cat Salem, and Sabrina’s boyfriend, Harvey, all present and accounted for. However, the book will twist in a far darker direction, as the creative team promise a psychological and spiritual tale of occultism and demonology.

Bridging the two series will be the upcoming issue #7 of Afterlife with Archie, which will follow Sabrina – who, in the very first issue of that series, accidentally set up the zombie attack in the first place. Following that, Archie will be showing up in the Sabrina book as well, tying the two stories together. You can find more at the USA Today interview.


Sabrina #1 will be out in October.


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