Hope Larson Launches New Webcomic, ‘Solo’

Hope Larson, the writer/artist best known for her graphic novels ‘Gray Horses’ at Oni Press and the graphic novel adaptation of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, yesterday launched a new webcomic, called ‘Solo‘. I thought you should know about it.

The first few pages can be found online at the above link – wordless as yet, although she promises “swears” further down the line. Larson has been working fairly consistently on graphic novels for the last few years, with this marking I believe her fourth project within two years.

As you’ll likely have already read from her site itself, Solo has no definitive plans yet. She’ll be uploading as and when, and plans to launch a full website for the series shortly. Basically, Hope Larson has a new webcomic online, so why are you even still here? Go!


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